General Insurance Policies

Information About General Insurance

The non-life or general insurance policies include insurance all insurance coverage other than life insurance. Health insurance, medical insurance, automobile insurance, accident insurance etc. – all fall under this insurance. Many private, public and specialized companies in India offer general insurance plans. Compare and look for the best General Insurance Plans at Justaply.

Some of the Top Companies that Offer General Insurance

Public Sector:

  • The National Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • The Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd.

Private Sector:

  • Apollo Munich Health Insurance Co. Ltd.
  • Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd.

Other Specialised  Companies:

  • General Insurance Corporation of India

General Insurance Can Be Sub-Divided Into the Following:

  • Health Insurance: This type of insurance relates to the health of an individual and includes the family floater, critical illness, individual and comprehensive health insurance.
  • Travel Insurance: It relates to travel within the country and abroad and includes family travel and individual travel policy, senior citizen and student travel insurance.
  • Motor Insurance: This type of insurance relates to the automobiles and the two-wheelers. It includes the package and the liability policy. The package policy compensates for any loss incurred due to damage to your motor vehicle whereas your liability policy protects you from legal liabilities you could face upon inflicting injuries on a third party.
  • Marine Insurance: This insurance covers the freight, goods, and cargo against damage or loss during transport by sea, rail, road or air.
  • Commercial Insurance: It encompasses solutions for the industrial sectors related to the business operations.
  • Home Insurance: This type of insurance safeguards the property or house of the insured in unfavorable times.

Benefits of the General Insurance Policies:

Any insurance policy other than life insurance comes under the umbrella of Policy. The advantages of availing the general insurance policy are as follows:

  • The motor insurance policy compensates for any damage or loss of your automobile and offers you legal protection in the case of an accident.
  • The health insurance policy offers a comprehensive cover related to the health issue for you and your family.
  • The travel insurance protects the insured traveler against any loss incurred due to trip cancellation, delay in flight, missing or damaged baggage, illness, accidental etc. during travel.
  • The marine insurance compensates for any damage or loss of cargo, freight or goods during transit by air, water or road.
  • The home insurance protects the home or property of the insured.
  • Commercial insurance is essential in the industrial sector that is related to the business operations.

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