How to Get Approval for Credit Card in India?


In the present time, a credit card is one of the most important elements of our financial routine. Credit cards are a convenient tool to deal with your short-term crunches.

While some people get a credit card on the very first time they apply, others’ applications are just turned down even after multiple attempts.

Have you ever thought what is the exact process to be followed while applying for a credit card?

Continue reading to know everything about the credit card approval procedure:

How to Apply for a Credit Card?

Do you want to issue a credit card? If yes, then let us tell you that there are many methods to apply for one. Either you can apply online or you can visit the nearest branch. Also, now you can apply through different advertising stalls put up at many events and even through any field service officers of the bank. When you apply online, a bank representative will collect your documents from your place.

Documents Required to Apply for a Credit Card?

Following are the documents you must submit along with a filled-in application form-

  • Identity Proof
  • Address Proof
  • A copy of your PAN card
  • Income/Employment proof


Verification & Processing of Your Application

After you submit all the required documents, the bank begins with the procedure of verification to check the legitimacy of your documents. The bank will closely examine all your documents. They also call & talk to the references written in your application. They may also contact your employer as part of the verification. Also, the verification will be processed if you manage a loan/ salary account of a fixed deposit with the same bank.

Credit Score Check

Credit Score is a necessary source for your application to get accepted/rejected.

A credit card is unsecured credit, hence the issuer has to be sure about your


before accepting your application. In order to know that, they use a credit score as a tool. A decent credit score depicts that you are responsible and take your credit seriously and all these make you an eligible person for further credit.

The Final Check

Once the verification of your credit score & all your documents is done, a final check of all your documents is done before rejecting/accepting your application. In case your application is accepted, the bank decides your credit limit depending on your total income and various deciding criteria such as your credit score. You will be informed if your application will be accepted. Finally, you will be sent your credit card along with all the important

documents including

all the terms & conditions.


Total Time Taken for the Approval

Normally, the whole process, i.e., from submission of your application


the approval of the same may take around 10-15 days completely based on the type of card you have applied & also all the documents submitted.


Acquiring a credit card is not at all difficult!!

Just be creditworthy & have all the required documents in place!!!


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