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The Various Options to Consider for Your Property|Oriental Home Insurance

Oriental Home Insurance policies are the most effective ways to protect the house properties and safeguarding it from the probable threats and risks. Thus, investing in these policies will always be considered a wise move. In India, there are several private and public sector insurance companies of which Oriental Home Insurance Company is a big name.  This paragraphs underneath shall discuss a few key areas that you can safeguard with the home insurance policies from Oriental Home Insurance.

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Threats of fire|Oriental Home Insurance

One of the biggest points of a threat to the house property and the assets inside is with the fire. Maybe from electrical short circuits or reasons whatsoever, a devastating fire can break out at any time and extend a fatal blow on your property. The home insurance policy from this company will cover all the areas of threats, arising out of the fire.

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House breaking coverage|Oriental Home Insurance

As a property owner, you stand vulnerable to the threats of house breaking that can result in massive financial and emotional losses. Oriental Home Insurance is aware of such probabilities and hence, policy to safeguard your property and your interest from such threats. The policy will comprehensively cover the threats like house breaking and theft & larceny. This policy enjoys great demand in the Indian market for the extensive values it offers to the property owners.

Policy to cover all the assets and belongings stored in the house|Oriental Home Insurance

The scope of home insurance with Oriental Home Insurance covers protection plan for all the assets and properties stored in your house. As, for instance, you can avail a comprehensive policy that will protect the building as well as all the appliances & gadgets, cash & jewelry, as well as cars & motorbikes. Thus, a single policy will cover all of your assets, and it will simplify the hassles in managing the policy as well as reduce the expenses for having separate policies for all the categories of assets.

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In addition to the policies discussed above, this insurer has a massive portfolio of options that you can pick as per your needs. Opting for the policies with this provider, you will be getting the most comprehensive coverage of your properties at the modest rates. Also, the provider has got a reputation for offering delightful customer support services and an excellent track record for fast claim settlement. As such, it will be a wise move to pick the home insurance policies from this insurer.


Best Option for Home Future Protection | Oriental Home Insurance

Oriental Home Insurance: Home is a place which offers safe, security, love and affection. Every human being has so many good memories which are only surrounded by home only. Home is the most peaceful area in one’s world. So it is our duty to keep our home safe and secure. The best process to keep it safe is to make a home insurance for our beloved place. Home insurance will provide all kinds of protection from all kinds of unseen and sudden accidents. Home insurance is equally important as health policies. All the natural calamity and disasters come with no prior notice. So to be safe home insurance is the best possible solution.

Why Oriental Home Insurance | Oriental Home Insurance
  • This insurance policy has a wide range of coverage. This policy allows the policyholder to protect all the important content of the home.
  • The premium is also within reach of the common people. It is not too costly. We can say premiums are also very pocket-friendly for all the customers.
  • This policy also covers all the important things like buildings, furniture, jewelry, all important electrical appliances. Everything is protected under this policy.
  • This home insurance policy also allows the customers to protect him or her from any unseen serious accidents. If a policyholder wants, he or she can even protect himself or herself and even the family members even from any serious accidents within this single policy.
  • Oriental home insurance covers in detail all the damages from fire, house breaking, care of domestic appliances, pedal cycle, baggage and also public utility.
  • This is a very old company, headquartered in Mumbai, but this company also has branches in Nepal and Kuwait.

Features of Oriental Home Insurance | Oriental Home Insurance

  • All content which has the value of 5% separately within the total value of the asset will get a separate specific mentioned column in the policy form.
  • The entire assets which are kept in bank locker will also get protection and returned value for the first time loss.
  • If one gets protection for at least four sections, then that policyholder will get a 15% discount on the premium. If the policyholder takes at least six sections for protection, then he or she will get a 20% discount on the total premium paid by the policyholder.
  • For long term policy more than at least four years will get a separate discount offer.
  • There is no upper limit on the sum assured amount of any asset.


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