Types of Credit Cards in India

A newbie can find several credit card choices. And every card holds contrasting benefits & serves to particular needs.

Banks provide a range of cards and their credit limitations as well as facilities vary.

Before selecting the best credit card, you should know about these following types:

Credits Cards for Women 

Credit cards exclusively for women offers including discounts over supermarkets, grocery chains, and department stores.

Today, most banks are rolling out more & more credit cards for women. Hence, as a woman, you have the benefit of selecting among other cards & Credit cards for women.

Silver Credit Cards 

Silver Credit cards are basically entry-level premium cards that are provided to salaried employees looking for premium rewards. A person with a good credit history can avail of this card. Silver Credit card normally has a low or zero yearly fees.

Gold Credit Cards 

Gold Credit cards are provided to high-income employees with a decent credit score. Apart from 100% cash withdrawal limitations and high rewards, you can avail as free insurance of travel & cashback offers. Some gold cards also insure loss & theft.

Titanium Credit Cards 

Titanium Credit cards offer benefits similar to a gold card. These cards offer cashback and discounts.

Classic Credit Cards

These cards are ideal for beginners as they can acquire cashback and rewards on purchases. It also helps them creating their Credit score by doing timely payments.

Other types of Credit Cards available are as follows:

  1. Rewards Credit cards
  2. Corporate/ Business Credit cards
  3. Cashback Credit cards
  4. Entertainment Credit cards
  5. Lifestyle Credit cards
  6. Prepaid Credit cards
  7. Travel Credit cards
  8. Balance transfer Credit cards
  9. Secured Credit cards
  10. Subprime Credit cards
  11. Student Credit cards

Based on your requirements and offers, choose the best match for yourself!!!

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